7 Essential Tools for Logo Designers

7 Essential Tools for Logo Designers

Streamline Your Workflow


As a logo designer, you understand that crafting the perfect logo demands creativity, skill, and focused decision-making. Logo design is a nuanced process, and juggling multiple projects can be overwhelming.

7 Essential Tools for Logo Designers

Fortunately, there are some lesser-known tools that can ease the burden and enhance your creative process. In this article, we'll explore seven essential tools that every logo designer should have in their toolkit.

1. Logo Inspiration Generator Tool

Searching for logo design inspiration on Google often leads to a sea of uninspiring results. Kyle Courtright, the founder of Courtright Design, recognized this struggle and developed the Logo Inspiration Generator Tool. 

Logo Inspiration Generator ToolThis tool streamlines the process of finding high-quality logo design inspiration. It allows you to filter results by style, color, and even access resources like "logo trend reports" and "hidden meanings."

2. Wordmark.it

Selecting the right font for a logo design project can be time-consuming. Wordmark.it is a free tool that simplifies this process by displaying your entire font library at once. 

Wordmark.itEnter the business name, and the tool presents it using every font installed on your computer, making font selection a breeze.

3. WhatTheFont

Identifying specific fonts, especially when a client provides only a visual reference, can be challenging. WhatTheFont, a tool by Myfonts.com, utilizes deep learning to identify fonts. 

WhatTheFontSimply upload an image containing the typeface, confirm the characters recognized, and receive a list of potential matches.

4. Cymbolism

Colors play a crucial role in logo design, conveying distinct meanings and emotions. 

CymbolismCymbolism, a crowd-sourced tool, connects colors with words. It's a handy resource for selecting colors that match specific concepts or for understanding the meanings associated with particular colors.

5. Logo Rank

In a world filled with logos, creating a unique design can be challenging. Logo Rank employs AI to evaluate your logo design against a vast library of stock logos. 

Logo RankIt assesses your logo's uniqueness, legibility, color contrast, and overall quality, helping you create distinctive designs.

6. Logo Lab

Logo Lab is a tool that conducts visual tests to evaluate key aspects of your logo design, such as scalability, silhouette, and balance. 

Logo LabIt even includes a color blindness test, making it easier to ensure your logo is accessible to all.

7. Context by LiveSurface

Presenting logo concepts to clients is a crucial part of the design process. 

LiveSurface ContextContext by LiveSurface allows you to create photorealistic mockups, helping clients visualize how your logo designs will appear in real-world applications.

Bonus Tool: Pitchproof

Pitchproof is a smart, interactive way to present logos. It lets designers create presentations that clients can view and edit from any device. 

PitchproofThis tool simplifies the client review process and enhances collaboration.


1. Are these tools suitable for professional logo designers?

  • Yes, these tools are designed to assist professional logo designers in their creative process. They can save time and enhance the quality of your work.

2. Are these tools free to use?

  • Many of these tools offer free versions with the option to upgrade for additional features. Be sure to check the details of each tool's pricing.

3. Can these tools replace the skills of a logo designer?

  • These tools are meant to complement your skills, not replace them. They assist in specific tasks, allowing you to work more efficiently and creatively.

4. How can I get 15% off my Pitchproof subscription?

  • To get a 15% discount on your Pitchproof subscription, send a message to the founder, Ryan Hayward, for more details.


These seven essential tools, along with the bonus tool Pitchproof, can streamline your logo design workflow and elevate your creativity. 

They are designed to assist, not replace your expertise, helping you deliver outstanding results to your clients.